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"Assisting" intoxicated customers

Published on: Thu, 24/05/2018 - 11:43

Management want to trial station staff at Piccadilly and Oxford Circus challenging passengers drinking alcohol during the bank holiday weekend.

The alcohol ban may well have been in place since 2008, butparticularly on night tube we know it's not worth trying to enforce it. Most passengers are alright but challenging drunk people holding glass bottles isn't what we signed up for! Only last weekend a CSA had alcohol thrown in their face for asking someone to stop drinking.

The Pic Circus AM says that in reality nothing different will be required from staff, so what is this trial for? An increased BTP presence will be in both stations so are they going to challenge people? Usually even they can see it isn't worth it.

More worryingly staff are given the opportunity to wear a body camera during the trial. Do we really want to give management more excuses to check up on us?

Station staff should not be put at risk, already we need more staff to deal with night time hit spots. No staff should be put at risk of assault. Our unions should be ready to stop this trial becoming policy.

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New Year Without The Booze

Published on: Sun, 28/12/2008 - 19:38

New Year's Eve approaches, and it is the first one on which passengers are banned from boozing.

Doubtless, LUL will expect us to be the party poopers, demanding that our 'customers' dispose of their bevvies before entering the station or boarding a train. And equally doubtless, the policy's architect - Boris Johnson - will not be on the gateline or the platform taking the grief. On the day that his booze ban came in, he was sunning himself on a yacht off Turkey while Tube workers had a pretty hellish night.

We all remember LUL management's pathetic lack of preparation for that night, and see little evidence that they are better prepared for Thursday night. So Tubeworker's advice is ... Don't put yourself in danger of a thump by trying to separate a reveller from his or her tipple; and remember your right to refuse work on the grounds of health and safety concerns.

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Thanks To You ...

Published on: Wed, 16/07/2008 - 18:37

... but not so much thanks to you.

Management decided to reward King's Cross staff for dealing so professionally with the chaos on booze ban party night. Anyone would think management were embarrassed by their own inadequate preparation.

The £100 'Thanks To You' vouchers were most welcome - until staff discovered that some of their workmates had only got a tenner. So much for management's gratitude: sounds more like a divide-and-rule tactic to us.

Solidarity prevailed amongst many staff, who told management where they could poke their Thanks, and insisted that all staff deserved equal reward.

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Plan? What Plan?

Published on: Sat, 07/06/2008 - 14:55

It seems there may be another booze ban party tonight, this time in defiance of rather than just in protest at the new no-alcohol rule.

But worry not, BTP apparently 'have a plan' this time round. Let's just hope the 'plan' doesn't involve turning up two hours late and then legging it.

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Staff Assaulted As LUL Fails To Protect Us During Booze Party

Published on: Sun, 01/06/2008 - 11:32

The proverbial well and truly hit the fan last night when the booze ban party turned nasty. At least seven staff were assaulted, and half a dozen stations closed due to either overcrowding or bad behaviour as the Circle line became a party venue. Trains were damaged and taken out of service.

Before Boris Johnson gets on his soapbox and denounces thuggery, he should take a long look in the mirror and realise that his opportunistic, headline-grabbing, rushed new policy prompted last night's chaos. And London Underground should reflect on their lack of consultation with the unions, their unhelpful and inconsistent advice to staff, and the casual, complacent attitude they took to last night's party. They knew it was coming, but put on no extra staff at many of the locations that could expect trouble.

Tubeworker has heard reports of staff being assaulted but the police being 'too busy' to help. Management and the Mayor have shown that they can not protect their own staff. We will obviously have to protect ourselves - by refusing to enforce their provocative, ill-prepared policy moves.

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Your Round, Boris

Published on: Sat, 31/05/2008 - 17:23

With the booze ban starting tomorrow, Tubeworker is particularly looking forward to seeing how it is enforced at Stratford station.

A station jointly operated by LUL and national rail services, one particular pair of platforms is LUL on one side, national rail on the other, and guess what's in between?

Yup, a bar.

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Handy Hints For Booze Ban

Published on: Wed, 28/05/2008 - 07:34

As Boris Bans Booze day fast approaches, management have produced a helpful guide to how we are supposed to enforce it.

At the start of each section, they tell us in big, important letters that our safety is paramount. Trouble is, no matter how many times management write that, the content gives the game away. While they try very hard to say that we should not put ourselves in a position of danger, they keep letting certain words slip in - 'confront' and 'challenge' being a couple of examples. How, exactly, do we 'confront' and 'challenge' someone breaking the new rule whilst remaining safe?! By retiring to a place of safety, of course - just make sure you leg it quickly before they deck you.

Apparently, we are to tell drinkers to please discard their bottle/can in a rubbish bin. Problem is: you don't see many of those around stations, do you? And on the off-chance that the person concerned hands over the booze, what exactly are we supposed to do with it - stick it in the mess room fridge?!

Never mind though, eh, cos management and the Tory Mayor assure us that the police will be on hand to help. Judging by past experience, they will turn up an hour later and might possibly arrest the staff member!

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BoJo Bans Booze

Published on: Thu, 08/05/2008 - 21:09

New Mayor Boris Johnson is to ban the drinking of alcohol on London's public transport.

For those of us who have to deal with drunk, abusive and puking passengers, this might sound like a good idea. But think, and read, a bit further. According to BoJo, this ban will be enforced by staff as well as BTP. So, staff then, as we rarely see the BTP when we might actually need them.

How do you fancy telling the person with the open bottle or can that they are not allowed to drink it? What response do you think you might get? And what are we supposed to do - confiscate it?! We should refuse to enforce Johnson's rule, as it will obviously put us in 'serious and imminent danger'.

Under Johnson's scheme, someone who was drunk and abusive, but not actually drinking whilst travelling, having had more than a skinful before entering the Underground, would be fine by him. But someone who is well-behaved, bothering no-one but sipping from a can could be dragged off the train and booted out at the next station.

Oh, and one more thing ... Surely people who are drinking should travel by public transport - as against, for example, driving.

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