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Who else saw the all-staff email from Sir Peter Hendy (he of the salary four times that of the Prime Minister, who our bosses still think is paid too little), thanking us all for the extra hard work we did to deliver the Tour de France in London?

Well, it's nice to be valued, isn't it? But the outpouring of gratitude (if one email can be considered a real display of gratitude) rings a little hollow when you consider the context and backdrop: a management offensive against jobs.

Senior bosses thank us when we deliver prestige events that make the company look good, but the rest of the time - when we're just doing the unglamorous work of, y'know, running one of the world's best metropolitan transport system and delivering for millions of passengers each year - we're expendable commodities.

Keep your "thanks for you all your hard work" emails, Peter; if you really want to make us feel valued, abandon your plans to cut 953 of our jobs, close 270 ticket offices, and displace up to 3,000 staff.

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