TfL Strikes Too!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 05/02/2014 - 15:00,

Amid all the attention (rightly) going to the London Underground strike, let us not forget that RMT members are on strike on Transport for London too.

Believe it or not, TfL proposes to freeze workers' pensionable pay at their current wage rate, so that all future rises are lump sums and non-pensionable - oh, and "performance-related".

Thinking that TfL staff have less industrial muscle than Underground staff, management like to try out ideas for attacking our rights in TfL before rolling them out across the Tube. So it is in all our interests to see this appalling proposal scrunched up and thrown in the bin.

Unfortunately, it is so far on RMT striking on TfL, and it is a minority union in the company. But news is reaching Tubeworker that at least some of the others may be ready to bite the bullet and ballot. It seems that TSSA and Unite are moving towards action and maybe PCS too. PCS officials have made a lot of noise about "supporting" RMT and TSSA's fight on the Underground, so it would be good to see them put their words into action, even if they have been a little slow off the mark.

Striking RMT members should be assured that their action this week is not going unnoticed, and is showing a lead that the other unions would be well-advised to follow.

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