Who is Incompetent?

Submitted by Tubeworker on Sat, 23/11/2013 - 12:57

It's insulting that LU has quoted figures to say 'only 12% of SSMFs, 24% SS2s and 34% of SS1s are Competence Management System qualified'.

LU is trying to make out that existing staff are not qualified to do the jobs that LU is trying to abolish.

How dare they insult us like this? If we were not competent, then passengers would soon know about it. If we were doing our jobs wrong, then management would already be on our backs!

The Competence Management System was introduced about five years ago, to supposedly measure our competence on the job, rather than only once a year in a railways rules exam.

Management has already struggled to implement this system because relatively small numbers of duty managers had to get out of their offices and observe staff doing our jobs on the ground. Management has constantly been behind its targets for CMS. To catch up, LU has increasingly pressured supervisors to become competence assessors.

Even LU knows that this system is not functional. If small proportions of us are assessed as competent, it's a measure of management's incompetence in failing to assess us, not our own incompetence.

This shows that LU is really scraping the barrel to find reasons to downgrade station staff. We cannot think for a second thatthese cuts have anything to do with our inability to do our jobs.

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