Vultures Swoop on Posters Business

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 27/07/2013 - 14:08,

CBS has sold its advertisement-posting business to private equity company Platinum.

It promises that things will remain the same for the workers who post the adverts. So that will me more of the same rubbish pay and job insecurity, then - more of a threat than a promise!

This contract has passed through the hands of numerous private contracts since London Underground decided to stop doing the work itself - remember TruForm? or Viacom? Now the latest owner, multinational corporation CBS, has decided that it's not interested in the outdoor advertising business any more, it has sold the contract to another company that is not interested in the outdoor advertising business either. Platinum is a private equity company, so is only interested in making as much money as possible.

TfL/LUL should bring advert-posting back in-house, along with every other contracted-out piece of our Tube.

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