Check Cuts Cause Crashes

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 26/11/2012 - 12:56,

So you thought that rolling stock units were checked every 14 days, right? Wrong.

In their wisdom, management have cut this to every 23 days, and are now cranking up the pressure to cut it further, to 28 days or beyond. They even reckon that the new stock only needs a once-over every 60 days.

The (former) 14-day vehicle exam sees brakes, shoe gear and other crucial safety kit inspected and changed if necessary. It is not rocket science to figure how crucial this is to passenger safety. Are management waiting for a train to crash because of worn brakes or damaged shoe gear that hasn't been checked for over a month?! Is that what it will take to reverse the reckless direction they are travelling in?

When 14 days increase to 23, management promised that if certain criteria were met, we would go back to 14. Strangely, these criteria seem to have changed, and equally strangely, the risk assessments are proving rather elusive.

While LU cranks up its attacks on our jobs and our passengers' safety, we need to crank up our resistance.

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