Adding Insult to Injury

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 26/09/2012 - 11:25,

Verbally assaulted? Pushed around? Spat at? Feels like station staff are having to put up with more aggression since the Olympics died down. One CSA was recently punched in the kidneys by a customer who thought it was the best way to get his attention?!

And are management on the spot, proactive in supporting their staff?

Hardly! Another CSA was recently assaulted while the DSM was on the station. The DSM then left and phoned up later to see if the CSA was alright.

If you're assaulted, verbally or physically, your Supervisor should fill in an Electronic Incident Report Form as a record; management should interview you to see if you feel OK to continue; they should advise you it's your right to book off sick and that they cannot take disciplinary action against you for any assault-related sickness. But we know management don't care about our well-being enough to do these things, so it's up to us to know our rights and make sure management take staff assault seriously.

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