RCIs Bad For Business?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 20/05/2012 - 11:51,

Mike Brown promised at Fit for London that LU Revenue Control Inspector (RCI) numbers were not being reduced: "There is no plan whatsoever to cut Revenue Inspectors". But the truth appears otherwise....

Revenue managers keep spouting reduced fraud levels and new technology and talking about reducing numbers by 40%, refusing to guarantee that RCI jobs are safe.

Tubeworker would prefer a free transport system: no need for inspectors to fine poor people for evading extortionate fares.

But what we have at the moment is an automated Oyster system which guarantees revenue and makes millions from incomplete journey charges (£4.60 off peak or £6.90 in the peak each time you fail to touch in or out).

LU is making so much from their ill-used captive customer base that they think Revenue Inspectors are superfluous. So we get the worst of both worlds. The public is ripped off and Revenue Inspectors are out of work. A classic employers’ decision, putting LU's 'business needs' ahead of public service.

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