Service Control: A Fighting Force!

Submitted by Tubeworker on Sun, 22/04/2012 - 17:28

LU RMT Service Control workers are urging ‘Vote Yes!’ in the current ballot for strike action.

The issues in dispute include the new Hammersmith Service Control Centre, which will cut up to 200 jobs, without guaranteed protected earnings. Tubeworker is pleased we’re taking action although the new centre is years away. Better to fight while we can still win!

Another issue is that LU have not stuck to a 2005 agreement to pay SO3 salary to Reserve Service Operators. The company cannot pick and choose whether to pay us according to agreements!

Also, LU have denied ex-apprentices the career they have trained for. Some are CSAs. Others are on rolling, six month contracts with service control. LU should employ these staff, who are definitely needed, on permanent contracts. We need to stop insecure, temporary contracts creeping into the LU workforce.

These issues have combined as LU has deteriorated industrial relations with RMT by not negotiating seriously. So we’re reminding LU: take us seriously as we have the power to disrupt your service!

On Service control, we have industrial strength most workers would kill for. For too long we’ve been divided into different unions. Plus, the RMT lost members and good will for agreeing the 2006 Professional Service Control Agreement with LU when we had voted to strike against it. We’ve had to rebuild our confidence and organisation. This dispute is bringing us together as a fighting force, capable of winning over the issues we care about.

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