OSN 101: Battle Over?

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RMT took industrial action against OSN 101 - a set of new procedures designed to speed up the service and reduce the need for station staff at the expense of safety.  ASLEF also informed members they'd be supported should they not wish to follow the new rules.
Unfortunately, whilst RMT balloted drivers - they didn't ballot station staff of controllers, so an RMT controller could well be refusing to call assistance for a driver with defective CCTV, and an RMT member of station staff could be refusing to give assisted despatch.  This issue was supposed to be dealt with by the union by reminding all related members of why we are taking action over OSN 101 but it would appear it is yet to happen.
Action doesn't end with a successful ballot.  Drivers need to be actively supported in refusing new procedures, encouraged by their reps, and it needs to be explained to members why it is important to do so.  If only one or two drivers refuse the new rules and are harassed for doing so, what good is it doing in our battle?

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That's right. Union reps need to get out round workplaces talking to members. Leadership doesn't just come from national decision-making, it comes from the people elected into reps' posts getting out and doing the business on the ground.

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