Count Your Cash!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 30/12/2011 - 19:18,

LU's 'Surplus and Loss' procedure, introduced in October, is kicking in.

Ticket selling staff have been flooded with letters, several a week, informing them of the date and amount of discrepancies in their account.

The letters warn that ten such items in 13 weeks will result in disciplinary action.

With the recent leaked documement warning of the complete abolition of the SAMF grade, it is plain to see that this policy exists for one reason alone: sacking SAMFs. The volume of letters from the first weeks shows that it won't be long before discplinaries start to rack up.

LU's pretended purpose of improving accountability is farcical. How can you be accountable for money you don't count? Still more, if it takes five weeks to count the money and report back, how can you remember so far back?

Since LU's cuts last February, ticket offices are staffed to the bone, leaving insufficient time for servicing machines, etc. But many SAMFs are taking the precaution of counting all money in their account. The pressure to do this or face discplinary action is piling on pressure.

Tubeworker looks forward to a strong campaign against this from the unions in the New Year, as an essential component of the campaign against impending job cuts.

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