"Benefit Realisations"?!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 31/10/2011 - 11:11,

Despite repeated problems with the Victoria line train doors, management seem determined to plough ahead with Automatic Door Opening.

The small matter of passenger safety is obviously not going to detract our intrepid bosses from pursuing their goal of saving money, whoops we really mean improving services. Unable to justify this in plain English, management are dressing it up in strange jargon about their "aspirations" to use ADO to gain "benefit realisations"!

The ultimate aim is obviously to cut drivers' jobs - if the trains drive themselves and the doors open themselves, what need is there for someone on the front?!

There is no way that we should go along with this - we should not cooperate with any stage in its preparation, including the training sessions that the company have already set up. RMT has enhanced its 'action short of strike' instructions to include walking out of training.

This gives us the legal cover to walk out of training without being disciplined. But we should not consider it an optional action for just the bravest or just the reps and activists. We all need to take a stand. Going to the training amounts to building our own gallows.

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