Surplus and Loss

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 20/10/2011 - 14:06,

LU are imposing a new surplus and loss procedure for ticket office staff. If your account is out by £5 or more, a disciplinary item will be generated. Ten or more of these in 13 weeks will lead to a disciplinary hearing. A discrepancy of £50 or more will send you to an instant CDI.

Years ago, ticket sellers used to add up the money in their account. But this took time and therefore required more staff, so LU introduced 'blind accounting'. Ticket sellers are not even supposed to check the computer to see how much is supposed to be in their till.

Although unions have negotiated some improvements to the policy, the RMT has not agreed it because it establishes the bonkers idea that you can be disciplined for a blind accounting system.

The unions now need to work out a way of protecting members from this policy. It looks like an attempt to cut ticket office jobs by stealth. The obvious thing would be to demand the time and the right to count all money in your till. If all ticket sellers did this, there would be no time for servicing ticket machines. If machines start going out of service, LU's attempt to drive customers from ticket offices might be frustrated.....

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