Support 'Occupy London'!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 20/10/2011 - 15:06,

Around 3000 people set up the 'Occupy London' camp outside St Pauls Cathedral on Saturday 15th October, part of an international day of action in support of the month-long ‘Occupy Wall Street’ camp.

With the slogan, ‘We are the 99%!’ they speak for the majority hard-hit and angry that governments have prioritised banks’ deficit-reduction demands over jobs, housing and public services. As workers, this movement speaks up for us and we should support it.

If possible, get down to St Pauls. A few Tubeworker supporters visited and were welcomed when we said we were Underground workers and union members.

Some in the movement want to go beyond voicing complaints about the system. They are looking at ways of creating a better society. To do this, working class people will need to be actively involved because to work, capitalism relies on our exploitation. Without our work, the capitalist machine cannot keep running. We see this when we take just a day’s strike action and London stops. To challenge this system, the working class is in a powerful position.

Solidarity between protest movements and workers’ movements needs to be built up. The New York transport workers union made efforts to prevent the police from forcing its members to drive buses filled with arrested protesters. Examples of solidarity like this should be taken up by our own transport union here in London.

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