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OSN 101 Should be left in room 101. The new procedures involve departing a platform with no CCTV or assistance, reversing the train after a SPAD or reversing after a platform overrun.

LU spends millions on CCTV equipment - on newer stock the driver can see the platform until the entire train has left the platform. LU don’t do this because they enjoy spending money (unless its the ‘top bods’ pay), but because it is the safest way to run the service.

Back in 2007 Tubeworker warned “The withdrawal of the second right endangers passengers - the PTI is LUL's biggest risk. It has also become a very convenient excuse to further cut stations jobs.” It seems now that the jobs went first, and as a service running on time is more important than safety, the important role CSAs play in assisting a train to depart will be scrapped.

It’s also worth noting that subjects that a new driver would have been taught over several days will now be taught by signing for a piece of paper.

Here are the next few OSNs rumoured to be coming out of Faulty Towers:
OSN 102: Driving with doors open to improve the service
OSN 103: Bullying drivers who have been signed off by LUOH back to work and then sacking them.
OSN 104: Service before safety.

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