Riot Day Pay?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 17/08/2011 - 13:27,

London Underground management have told staff unable to attend work during the riots that they must take the day as unpaid or annual leave.

If you have to leave for work at 4am but the bottom of your street is closed off, building are set alight and shops smashed up, what are you supposed to do? Put yourself at risk?

Management came out with the usual line that staff taxis are a 'privilege', etc. They really don't care about our well-being when we travel to work at unsociable times. They are only bothered about whether or not we turn up. So much for duty of care!

Tubeworker does not want to join in the baying backlash against the rioters. Much of it was petty crime, not 'animal' behaviour by an 'underclass' as the press are claiming. But nonetheless, for a few days, people did feel at risk. It is bizarre for LU to effectively punish us for being placed in this situation when we travel to work to keep their trains and stations running.

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