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Detrainment staff at Queens Park, Stonebridge Park and Harrow and Wealdstone have been invited to join in on a conference call with management about the fact that their jobs are being abolished and they are being displaced to god-knows-where.

First, management shocked Bakerloo detrainment staff with a letter that their jobs were to go, then called them to a meeting with a flashy presentation, but at no point so far have they sat down to discuss the plans through the proper union negotiation process.

The conference call is just another method for by-passing the unions.

This is an important issue for the unions because London Underground are chopping around 30 jobs on top of the cull earlier this year. LU might drip-feed coming cuts, so we should resist every 'minor' job cut or risk losing hundreds more stations jobs.

It is also important because agency staff wearing LU uniform work the ticket barriers on the north end of the Bakerloo Line. A joint working party between management and unions was established after a dispute in 2008 which was supposed to resolve this; agency staff were only supposed to work during the transition from Silverlink to LU.

The presence of agency staff has been allowed to drag on. Now, some LU staff feel aggrieved that their jobs are going while agency staff continue to work on the stations: a division that management have created.

Tubeworker thinks that the agency workers should be brought under LU terms and conditions AND the detrainment staff should keep their jobs. We need to defend all jobs, whether done by agency or LU staff.

With possible implementation as soon as October, the union needs to act fast if it is to prevent this plan. One option is to mobilise amongst drivers. These new procedures will place increased burden on drivers. If a passenger were to be taken into the sidings, who would be responsiblle? All grades need to fight together to resist these measures that compromise safety as well as jobs.

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