Vic Line: Good Service?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 10/06/2011 - 19:50,

Victoria Line management spend a lot of their time at the moment telling drivers to over-ride the sensitive edge door equipment on the new trains. If something is stuck in the door, however tiny, the doors will not close and the train cannot move. It is causing delays and is one of the many reasons that Vic Line performance has plummeted since the new stock.

Management say that drivers no longer need to go and visually check whether there is anything in the door. They can just check from their cab. This will sure speed up the service. But at the expense of safety?!

Vic Line drivers have been balloted for action short of a strike to cover them if they want to disregard management's instruction to over-ride in order to do the full checks. Some drivers are sticking to this. It has at least forced management to talk to reps about the new stock, something they have refused for months.

During these talks, management hinted that they are looking abroad at other technology they might adopt instead, which indicates that, deep down, they don't have much faith in their own technology.

Yet no doubt they will continue to pressure drivers to carry on with the status quo as if nothing is wrong. Vic Line drivers, stick to your guns! By taking a stand on this you have more chance of pressuring management to come up with some meaningful answers. We might finally get a good service on the Victoria Line!

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