A New Procedure For The Jubilee Line

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 24/05/2011 - 20:30,

Jubilee Line drivers are to be balloted for action short of strike follwoing the rushed implementation of a new procedure for passing signals at danger.

The new rule will be for passing a signal that has failed where points are involved. In the past a driver would either need to see a ‘Route Secure (RS)’ visual, or the points would have to be locked and secured by a supervisor so that they wouldn’t move beneath a train. Now LU management want to alter this so the signaller can give authority to proceed without any indication to the driver that the points are secured.

How did LU try to introduce this procedure? A couple of brief discussions with reps and a bulletin left on mess room tables. The issue doesn't seem to be that this new procedure can’t be safe - it’s in use on the Central Line - but rather LU haven’t taken the time to prove to reps that is is safe. Nor have they bothered to inform drivers of this new procedure in a suitable manner.

The pressing reason for this new procedure is presumably to speed up the service when there are signalling problems. It obviously doesn’t help that there are now fewer staff available on stations when you need the supervisor on the track scotchng and clipping.

The RMT is to ballot Jubilee Line drivers for action short of strike so that any driver refusing to adhere to the new procedure is protected in their actions. It’s good the union is fighting this as LU can’t be allowed to run roughshod over established procedures. However, when the union is about to ballot, it needs to do a better job of informing members of the issues than it is doing at present.

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