Stations jobs dispute: what next?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 23/05/2011 - 10:02,

With management only giving back around 30 out of 800 jobs in the job cuts review, we have been left with a deeply unsatisfactory result.

In the next stage of the review process, management and the unions will talk at ACAS, with the unions trying to increase the number of jobs restored. The job cuts dispute has never been settled. All grades still have a mandate for action from when we took action last year and this year. We cannot give up on the dispute while the review is still ongoing.

It is very painful to have reached this point after the spectacularly-supported campaign and strikes last year. The unions made a massive error in suspending the momentum of the fight to enter these reviews.

But for now, there are concrete measures the unions should take: complete the update of our union database as quickly as possible to enable us to take more action; put on new forms of action short of strike: boycotts of resolving journeys on AFMs and line cover. The open-ended overtime ban has ceased to be effective on the ground. Aside from renewing it for the duration of the victimisation strike, the ban should be lifted in favour of other forms of action short. If we put the overtime ban on again, it should be for shorter, targeted periods.

Strike action remains the most effective way to beat back management's plans. Most station staff - let alone other grades - do not feel strong enough to go on strike at this point of the dispute, but it may be an option further down the line.

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