Jubilee Fiasco

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 22/04/2011 - 08:30,

Jubilee Line services were suspended for most of Tuesday evening peak and through until the morning because a piece of metal dropped off a train and short circuited the track. Five trains were stuck in section, with around 1700 passengers having to be detrained along the tunnel. The last customer was detrained about 2 hours after the incident began.

Teams of managers and Alstom engineers had to walk the track with hand pumps to get enough air into supposedly state-of-the-art trains to get them moving again. Is this a world-class city without a world-class hand pump? Possibly as it took all night to shift some trains. - Similar incidents have occurred before, yet LU would love to get rid of the staff that clean up the mess, and the maintenance regimes that stop it happening more frequently.

Some staff didn't get to book off until 5am in the morning, but even after a twelve hours shift, they were expected back on time the next day. So much for work-life balance.

Tubeworker is pleased to see the RMT reaction, encouraging the Mayor - who has resided over much of this fiasco - other unions and passenger groups to meet and discuss these issues. This needs to be followed up with actions. There have been major changes on the Jubilee line with regards to rules and procedures and working schedules. The unions need to get more vocal and interact with staff on the line to find out what our concerns are and how they can be addressed, and ensure that reaction to incidents like this are more than just headlines.

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