Danger Zone

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 18/04/2011 - 21:48,

April's edition of LU’s news sheet against workplace violence, ‘Challenging News’, has re-issued golden rules for avoiding conflict at the gateline. This is "to take account of the fact that many of our people are new to working outside ticket offices. The gate-line has always been identified as the particular area on a station where there is the greatest risk of abuse and assault."

So, not content with angering its passengers with the non-availability of ticket office services, LU admits it is happy to send its staff into this 'danger zone' where there is the greatest risk of abuse and assault! They are even increasing the risk by requiring staff to resolve Oyster journeys (which may involve the subtraction or addition of funds) using the small (AFM) ticket machine in full view of the aggrieved traveller.

As put-upon staff, we are delighted to hear the bosses’ latest action to ensure our safety: not protecting us from the anger of passengers but banning ‘dangerous’ RMT Union representatives from TfL premises. The news sheet neglects to mention this decision; perhaps justifying such insanity would be just too challenging.

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