Told Off for Striking

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 12/04/2011 - 23:53,

Members of staff who used their staff or nominee passes during strikes last year are still receiving 'telling off' letters.

Consider yourself warned, the letters say. Do it again and face disciplinary action.

The good news is that the letters have been met with more ridicule than fear. 'Is that all these managers have to do with their time? We were on strike to stop job cuts, but someone in an office has time to research every employee's travel details then tell us off in writing!'

To trawl through thousands of employees' journey details must have been some job. I guess that's why they took until April to write to us. When funds are tight, why would they bother doing this?

To remind us that they are the bosses and we are the workers. We do all the work, hence things grind to a halt when we strike. But they are in charge.

That's what they want us to think.... But really, when we strike we exercise huge social power. We can bring the capital to a standstill and make the politicians quake in their boots. They don't like it, but there is little they can do to stop it. All they can manage in response is a niggling little letter! It makes them look quite pathetic, really.

When we're feeling under their thumb, and management seem determined to undermine the unions, it's good to remind ourselves of the huge power we have and that they are terrified by the possibility of us using it.

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