Dedicated to Customer Service?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 16/03/2011 - 21:45,

If you're concerned about the impact on customers of LU's ticket office closures, why not read LU's guide, 'How best to serve our customers when ticket office is closed'? You'll soon feel reassured!

It points out that LU 'remains committed to providing the best service we can to our customers'.

For purchasing tickets not available on the machines, it offers these helpful hints...

CSAs can collect unpaid fares on the gateline. (Sorry, but wasn't that phased out due to safety risks?!....) Or MFs can collect the unpaid fare 'via the assistance window'. (Something seems a bit wrong here, if even management's guide to avoiding the ticket office basically tells us to re-open the ticket office.....)

For national rail extensions, we are told to refer the customer to National Rail. (Hmmmm...with National Rail cutting back ticket office hours, this is might not help customers too much...)

For privilege tickets it says you can allow the customer to travel 'and resolve at destination (IF TICKET OFFICE AVAILABLE!)'

For refunds, annual season tickets, travel warrants, priv season tickets, why not demonstrate your commitment to customer service by advising customers 'to use adjacent stations'?!!

And for Oyster queries, simply get them to ring the premium rate 0845 Oystercard Helpline number. At 2p a minute, you'll soon cost the customer more than they were over-charged in the first place!

Feeling reassured about LU's commitment to customer service? Can't imagine why not!

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