Keep Your Head Down?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 02/02/2011 - 14:13,

Staff who have recently attended CDP (formerly ATOR), report that the message coming out of it is: play by the rules or else.....

As CDP goes through the policies and procedures we all need to do our jobs, they are warning that the consequence of not doing so will be the sack!

We have seen the dramatic rise in LU's sackings for things that would have previously been minor disciplinary offences. The bosses, not just in our industry, have a recession and a Tory government to give them the confidence to inflict brutal measures on their workforce. They have savings to make and can't seem to see any other target than the staff who do the work. While they plead poverty, it also suits their interests to have a workforce cowed into towing the line for fear of their jobs.

It is a shame to see CDP being used to reinforce this message of fear and demoralisation. We must remember that our best defence against vidictive management is to stand together as workmates and stick with our unions, not, as management would have you believe, 'look after yourself and keep your head down'.

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