Driverless Trains?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 20/01/2011 - 15:08,

To a room packed with banking executives, Boris Johnson openly declared he intends to introduce driverless trains to break the power of the unions.

What a scene. The rich and powerful, with Johnson as their political representative, cheering at the thought of stripping working class peoples of their jobs. They don't even disguise this as 'progress' or 'responding to new technology'. They are openly attacking working class organisation.

Will it happen? The technology may exist, but they would have to get the infracos to deliver it at great expense. Judging by how long and expensive Tube upgrades have proved so far, it might take a while.

It would be totally impractical. You would need someone on board each train in case of a fault. Replacing a driver with a DLR-style guard, customer service assistant and driver in one wouldn't work on packed trains in the evening and morning peaks.

But we shouldn't dismiss the possibility just because it doesn't make practical or financial sense. LU proves itself constantly capable of wasting money and implementing the impractical.

The interesting thing is that Boris feels the need to intimidate the unions like this. Sometimes we can get to feel so powerless, but they obviously feel our power enough to want to restrict it. Instead of seeing this as a sign that we should give up and accept attacks, we should see it as a signal to fight harder

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