Weekly Inspections?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 19/01/2011 - 11:43,

It seems that on the Piccadilly line, Tube Lines bosses think that once-a-week track inspections should be just fine. Funny, they'd always thought once every 72 hours was necessary up until now. So what's changed to justify checking the track less than half as often?!

Moreover, inspections are to be increased from 11 areas to 14. Although the areas walked will be smaller, the increase in the number of areas means that there simply won't be enough people to do them.

The danger here is that cracks and other track faults will be able to develop for up to a week without being spotted. Derailments, crashes, injuries and even deaths could be the result. It's another case of cutting safety corners to save money. We need to stop this.

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