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London Undergound, too skint to afford staff, has found money to employ consultants to ask station staff how we can make ourselves more visible to customers!

How idiotic is this? If they are so worried, perhaps they might think about keeping the hundreds of station staff who are fighting to save our jobs.

Or perhaps they are worried they will have to break their public pledge that these cuts will 'increase the number of visible staff'.

Why don't we, they suggest, take a saunter around the ticket hall, rather than standing permanently next to the way in gates? To anyone with any experience of a station, the obvious answer is: people would not be able to get through the gates! They would have to go looking for staff, rather than finding them right next to the gates where they need them. So much for improving visibility!

In reality, they have removed Customer Care Assistants (the people who assist in the ticket halls) from the new rosters, so it seems that they now want gateline staff to do both jobs at once. LU are adding insult to injury, implying we are not doing our jobs properly, when in reality LU are worried there will be a reduction in customer service when there are less station staff.

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