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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 09/01/2011 - 22:55,

The recently-published Speak Up 2010 results are a round condemnation of LU's managerial regime over the past year. With a 62% return rate, we get a general picutre of just how undervalued, demotivated and insecure we feel in our jobs. In 99% of categories, our responses reflect worse on LU than last year.

In particular, 'LU offers good job security' is down 26.4%, 'I am satisfied with LU as an employer' is down 16.6% and 'LU puts customers first' is down 15.2% on last year.

Only 32% said 'There is a good level of trust between Senior Management and employees' and 33% said 'Senior managers communicate openly and honestly with employees'.

Reflecting the appalling conditions we still have to endure, one of the only increases was to the questions, 'Over the last 12 months have you been physically or verbally abused by customers?'

As LU employees, we know and understand our management from our own bitter experience. We just need to make sure this hardens our spirit for a fighting against them.

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