OXO Minimum Staffing Levels Cut?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 29/12/2009 - 09:03,

Management are trying to cut minimum staffing numbers at Oxford Circus station - and you can bet that if they are trying it on there, they will try it on elsewhere too. Your station could be next!

Management have scrutinised staffing levels at OXO and come to the alarming conclusion that the station can make do with fewer staff on a Sunday. By their own admission, these minimum numbers are for evacuation purposes only, and do not take into account customer needs. How's that for a world-class service?!

95,000 people enter or exit OXO on an average Sunday, not including those interchanging. Sunday travellers often have greater needs than weekday travellers, as they are more likely to have kids with them, or areless familiar with the Underground because they use it less often. OXO is a complex station, with 2 ticket halls, 14 escalators, 6 platforms and 8 entrances/exits. And yet London Underground reckon it is OK to open the station with just one Station Supervisor plus 5 other grades between start of traffic and 1030 and between 1800 and close of traffic, and one SS plus 6 others between 1030 and 1800. Current staffing numbers are 1+5 start of traffic to 0730, 1+10 0730 to 2200, 1+5 2200 to close of traffic.

OXO is struggliing to cover duties at the moment - but the answer is to employ more staff, not to reduce staffing numbers and prepare to cut jobs!

Management evidently think it is a good day's work to identify how jobs can be cut, even where this compromises safety and customer service. A good day's work for us will be to refuse to comply with these staffing cuts.

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