When Night Falls

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 14/12/2009 - 14:28,

Readers may have had the delight of perusing management's half-arsed effort to deny - or at least play down, since it wasn't actually a denial - RMT's leak of their job-cutting plans.

You may have noticed that the company claims to have a commitment to ensure that stations are staffed "during the day". Note: during the day. At present, London Underground stations (with the exception of 11 former Silverlink stations) are staffed 24/7. Far from being a denial, management's circular is actually confirmation that job cuts are coming.

Ever since the discredited and doomed PPP came in, London Underground have nurtured a plan to do away with Station Supervisor night turns. They would love to have a new system where the station keys are handed to the infraco at close of traffic, then handed back to LUL just before the first train runs. The problem with this, of course, is that the interrupted responsibility for the station will undoubtedly lead to safety breaches, and will cost jobs.

That's why London Underground management was so insistent on traffic-hours-only supervision of the ex-Silverlink stations, and why the unions were wrong to back down from their fight against this. And it is why we need to avoid repeating mistakes like that and ensure an effective fightback this time round.

(Who's to say taht "day time" actually means "traffic hours"?! If management get really confident, they may try saying that stations only need supervising until, say, 9pm, when security guards can take over!)

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