The OXO Family Fights Back!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 19/11/2009 - 11:49,

Staff on Oxford Circus group have been standing up together for staffing levels.

Management stopped covering duties on overtime, expecting staff to make do with fewer numbers and work extra hard to compensate. They began to only authorise overtime for dead earlies and dead lates, which could close the station if not covered.

Staff have banded together and said, ‘Stuff this!’ It is a money-motivated insult from management that implies some of our jobs are superfluous. It threatens our jobs: from not filling vacancies to not covering duties, will we see the positions abolished altogether?

But staff have resisted. Across grades and unions, they are refusing extreme turns on overtime. Why do a ‘favour’ for management who devalue them and care only about their bonus for keeping stations open?

Result:station closures. Oxford Circus closed last Friday night when a Station Supervisor refused to stay on and work the night shift. London Underground can now see who does the work on this job.

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