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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 20/10/2009 - 10:13,

Following a meeting of all its LU reps, RMT has decided to ballot its members for strike action and action short of strike over the pay offer (1.5% this year, 0.5% next year).

This is our chance to have a say over our pay until 2011.

RMT is balloting for strike action because to simply reject the deal is not enough. We need to show LUL that there will be consequences if nothing improves.

The union needs to get on with the ballot and keep members informed. This dispute has dragged out too long already. The last thing we want is for our potential action to clash with Christmas. We don't want to upset working class people's last-minute shopping, but London's financial centre.

It is possible that anti-union laws may rear their head again and force us to have a long ballot period because the postal strikes will cause delays. This is another reason why we would want strike ballots in the workplace, yet another thing prevented by Thatcher’s anti-union laws.

TSSA have accepted the offer but many TSSA members on Metronet report not receiving ballot papers. Ordinary TSSA members should join RMT's fight by respecting picket lines or signing up for membership, even if temporarily.

We wait to see whether ASLEF will accept LUL's offer. Either way, we need to appeal to ordinary ASLEF members: RMT should write an open letter to them, and call meetings open to all who are prepared to fight for a decent pay increase.


On TfL, RMT has rejected the pay offer (1.5% this year, 0.5% for years two and three) but is a minority union. Some reps now just say ‘we need to work with the other unions’.

Although a minority, RMT should not behave as if it is ineffective and no different to other unions. Members joined RMT because it fights; it should not risk losing them.

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