Call Centre: Trouble Getting to Work

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 11/10/2009 - 09:57,

As we soon will be celebrating Halloween in Pier Walk - home of the Travel Information call centre - there is something WITCH is troubling us and we are wondering if anybody has a WIZARD idea to help us.

Our problem is the engineering work on the Jubilee Line nearly every weekend WITCH means without a current BROOMSTICK licence it takes most of us two hours to get into work and the same to go home.

I have tried my favourite spell as told by Isobel Gowdie who was hanged as a WITCH. The spell is called 'I shall into dog', and the modern version of this poem is:
I shall into a dog
With buses and trains
And a walk in the fog
I never scab
That's not my game
So let me please get home again

Perhaps if we all say this SPELL together something will be done

LATEST: The rumour mill says that the bus garage in North Greenwich is closing. How will we get to work now? Grow wings perhaps? After all, we are all angels ...

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