Tell Your Customers to Go Away - or be Disciplined!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 09/10/2009 - 14:52,

Whatever management's offensive shenanigans with mystery shopping (or SIS) surveys, at least they accept that they can't use the results to discipline you. But perhaps that's only because they have another method of doing so, at least when it comes to MF staff - the Ticket Selling Index (TSI)!

As Tubeworker has reported before, London Underground expects ticket sellers to actively discourage customers from ever coming back. They send people around, posing as customers, to buy tickets at the window. If you politely and efficiently sell them the ticket, you get ... a low mark! The only way to get top scores is to tell them that next time they can buy their ticket on the internet, or they should top up by more, or use the machines, or in some other way not trouble their local ticket office again. In other words, LUL wants its staff to collaborate in the destruction of our own jobs!

Strangely, many ticket-selling staff are not doing this too enthusiastically, so various managers are now cranking up the pressure by circulating memos threatening disciplinary action if your TSI score is too low on three occasions.

But as far as we are concerned, the same principle applies to TSI as to SIS - disciplining someone on the basis of an anonymous informant's report is a breach of natural justice.

This has now reached the stage where the unions should not just complain but should take action. Let's look at balloting for collective action, refusing to obey our manager's job-destroying instructions; and if any of our workmates is actually disciplined, let's ballot for something stronger.

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