Wot No River?

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We've all seen the new tube maps. The zones and the river have been taken away. Richard Parry assures us it was no mistake; it is designed to return to the original simplicity of the first tube map. Although he does admit that removing the zones off the back was a mistake.

Brilliant! Design over content is more or less his admitted priority. There has supposedly been some usability survey that said the clutter made the old map difficult to read. But try reading the zones when they are not there!

A private consultants has made a fortune for this brainchild.

You can tell the people making these decision have never worked a day in the industry. By removing the zones and river, they are effectively depriving customer service staff of the tools to do their job. This is a perfect example of how workplaces would be run more rationally if workers could make decisions about how they work.

It also shows how little LU really care or know about customers' needs, even though they preach 'customer focus' to us. Conspiracy theories are circulating. By removing zones, do LU intend people to travel out of their zones so they can penalty fare them? Whatever the motivation, this change does not seem to have customers at its heart.

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Submitted by Tubeworker on Wed, 23/09/2009 - 10:23

London Underground Station staff remain baffled by the un announced introduction of a new style Tube Map which amazingly does not contain travel zones, grids or even the River Thames. Station staff have been inundated with numerous complaints from confused and distressed passengers. They have voiced their concerns with LU management however it would appear that they and the travelling public will have to live with this mess until the next Tube map review sometime in Dec 09. Maybe LU might print this one in “black and white”. The question begs to be asked how much did this whole fiasco cost bearing in mind the miserly pay offer that is currently on the table. I wonder what the Tube Map sponsor www.IKEA.co.uk have to say on the matter. The Evening Standard of 16 Sept takes up the story.

“The Underground Map has been redrawn without the Thames and Tube zone charging system”
Tfl said changes were made after some passengers complained that the Harry Beck classic design had become too cluttered. Critics claim the new zone-free map will allow Tfl to disguise the rising cost of travel. Caroline Pidgeon, Lib-Dem London Assembly transport spokeswoman, said: ”It seems surprising that the first revisions to the Tube map under a Tory Mayor drop the river Thames. Boris Johnson promised Londoners he was keen to develop river transport services and this wont help. Jo deBank, of taxpayer-funded passenger body London Travelwatch, said “We question the removal of the river Thames, and we think the removal of the fare zones is foolish, especially for tourists and visitors who are unfamiliar with the system”.

Readers Views:

“This morning I was unfortunate enough to see the newly designed Tube map. What a terrible confusing mass it has become and Tfl should be ashamed”

“What a waste of money. Maps are supposed to help, not hinder. Why on earth remove the Thames and the travelcard zones. Worse than useless. Boris is really making his mark. If it aint broke, don’t fix it”

“No zones so a lot of penalty fares. Crowds of baffled tourists and visitors having to clutter up the ticket machines and ticket offices to get simple questions answered”

“So how will visitors to the Mayors River festival know which station to use or the boat race”

“Well another fine mess Chairman Boris has made”

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