Near Miss at Bond Street

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 05/09/2009 - 10:32,

In mid-August, there was a shocking incident at Bond Street which goes to show just how dangerous management's understaffing of stations is.

On the eastbound platform during the evening peak, an elderly man fell onto the track. Luckily, two members of the public were able to pull him onto the platform and he escaped without major injury. But it could have been very different.

Helpful passengers aren't actually part of our PTI safety regime - station staff are! It was great that the two passengers were able to help like this, but station staff could also have operated the code destroyer, discharged the juice, alerted line control etc. There was supposed to be a duty working on this platform, but guess what? Uncovered, like so many other station duties these days.

This incident also shows that stations de-staffing is very much an issue for drivers. Had the unfortunate gentleman not been rescued by members of the public, then the next train may have hit him, and the driver would have to live with the resulting trauma.

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