Don't Let the Truth Get in the Way of Propaganda

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 19/08/2009 - 15:01,

LUL has today issued a circular stating that RMT has "announced the resolution of its dispute with us". Either RMT has closed off the dispute without telling its members (possible, but unlikely) or LUL's Director of Employee Relations is lying (probable).

As Tubeworker understands it, LUL has confirmed that no RMT member will be made compulsorily redundant. This is a definite change from previously, when many RMT members were "at risk" - giving the lie to LUL's claim that "Our position has not changed - we made this clear before, during and after the RMT’s strike action in June." Desperate not to admit the truth that RMT's strike action saved its members' jobs, our Director is prepared to sink to the level of outright porky pies.

However, these facts also mean that the RMT press release welcoming "a major breakthrough in an on-going dispute with London Underground which will see the company sticking to agreed policies on redundancies, protecting the futures of a thousand staff who had been identified as being at risk" is also at best an exaggeration, at worst a departure from the truth.

At least RMT members are getting more accurate information from the Regional Organiser. But workers deserve better from their national leadership than Ministry-of-Truth-style spin which denies us the full picture in favour of a heavily-spun version. We are grown-ups: we can be trusted with the facts. And, as the people who lost two days' pay in order to win the victories we have achieved so far, we are entitled to them.

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