Appeal By Letter!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 12/08/2009 - 11:31,

London Underground has dealt with Kevin Dobinson's Director's Appeal without any discussion and reaffirmed his sacking by letter!

A Director's appeal involves a meeting between the person's union official and a company Director; the union official outlines grounds why the disciplinary sentence should be overturned or reduced; the Director reviews the case and then gives a decision.

Not this time. Our Employee Relations Director - who has earned himself a reputation for lack of qualms about breaking rules and mistreating staff - simply repied to RMT's request for a Director's Appeal by writing back saying he had reviewed the case and Kevin remained sacked. End of.

LUL plainly has no concern for any kind of fairness or justice for staff, nor even for upholding its own policies. Management feel that they can treat staff exactly how they like, and so long as the unions hold off from taking action to call a halt, these outrageous injustices will continue.

Today will see the result of RMT's ballot for action to reinstate Kevin. The union must take decisive action, with Kevin's workmates in the driving seat for deciding the strategy. But on top of this, the union should stop procrastinating about naming new strike dates for the jobs/pay/justice dispute, and the other unions should get their act together and join in.

Otherwise, we will all lose out in the end.

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