Vic Line strike even more solid

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 30/05/2009 - 09:33,

Belatedly, a quick report on last week's Vic line strike, which was even more solid than the last one! None only did - one again - no trains run, but fewer strike-breakers crawled in to work: just three this time.

Management made a sly attempt to disrupt the end of the strike by inventing duties that booked on after 2100, but the drivers that were supposed to do these duties found enough doubts to constitute grounds to refuse to drive!

The police took a break from their usual duties to spend the duration of the action staring at the picket line, and a manager even stationed himself outside the staff loos to ensure that no striker relieved him/herself in company facilities.

Drivers are now considering whether it is safe to drive on the Vic line. The potential of wrong-side door opening surely presents a serious and imminent danger. When a few drivers rightly refused to drive on these grounds, management sent them home without pay and without even a nod to the proper procedure, and even called the police! Management have since had to back down, restore the docked pay and apologise.

Meanwhile, Carl Campbell's case has been submitted to Employment Tribunal. Management are intent on continuing to victimising Glenroy Watson and before long, Glen might find himself dow the dole office with Carl. Unless, of course, we stop management in their tracks.

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