Victoria Line Strikes Again

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Join the picket lines: Wednesday evening 9pm Seven Sisters; Thursday morning from start of traffic at Seven Sisters, Walthamstow Central, Victoria, Brixton and Northumberland Park. Mass picket at Seven Sisters at 12pm Thurasday.


Management have refused to back down, and have upheld the outrageously unjust sacking of Carl Campbell. Carl is now out of work during the depths of recession, for having made just one mistake which he quickly put right and which he could not have made in the first place if LUL had not been too tight to fit CSDE equipment on his line.

So we are striking on the Vic line again. Managers, rattled by our 100% success last time, have been indulging themselves in all sorts of deceits and rumour-mongering. RMT reps and activists have done a great job chasing round extinguishing these rumours and reasserting the facts and the arguments. They have proved once again that information is key.
We need big pickets to keep the action solid. Station staff, service control staff and drivers on lines which interchange with the Vic should be alert to potential safety problems caused by the non-running of Vic trains. Congestion may cause closures.


And what next? If management still refuse to back down, we have only one choice: to escalate the action. Management have obviously decided that they can live with one 24-hour strike per month, and calculate that we will give in before they do.
We should now go to a 48-hour strike, or even more. Some people worry that some ASLEF drivers will not join a 48-hour action. But ASLEF members should know as well as RMT members that if this strike is defeated, no Victoria line driver’s job is safe, whichever union you are in.

If a dispute is worth fighting – which this one obviously is – then it is worth fighting as effectively as possible. We need to decide on action on the basis of what we need to do to win, not on what we think the least committed will go along with.

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