Support the Vic Line Drivers' Strike!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 20/04/2009 - 11:55,

Tuesday/Wednesday's Vic line drivers' strike looks like being pretty solid. ASLEF members have found themselves needing the protection of two unions at this time, so despite the Society's failure to ballot, all drivers can join in anyway!

Faced with solid action, LUL management will have to seriously consider reinstating Carl Campbell, agreeing to install CSDE, sticking to agreements and getting off the case of Glenroy Watson. Unless they do all this, the strike goes ahead, whatever ruse LUL management may come up with to stop it.

LUL may also lilke to reflect on other injustices on the line, such as the sackings of Karl Niles and Jamie Witchell, otherwise they may face more action soon.

It is also important that station staff and others ensure that management don't get away with trying to run a sub-standard, unsafe service on the strike day. Remember: you are duty bound to protect the safety of yourelves, your workmates and the public, so let's see stations and platforms closed rather be allowed to get overcrowded or otherwise unsafe.

Union activists will be dishing out a leaflet explaining to the public how LUL's refusal to install CSDE kit on the Vic line puts them at risk. Whe passengers start ringing up and complaining, that should rattle management.

One final thing: A strike is not a 'special requirement'.

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