Doing checks on the staff

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 14/04/2009 - 12:07,

Has anyone else noticed five-pence-sized silver discs starting to appear on the walls in stations? Apparently, this is management's idea of how to make us carry out security checks properly. We will have to run around the station, touching every disc with some device - like something out of a kid's game show!

It shows they don't trust us one bit to carry out our basic duties. And if they accuse us of doing checks 'with our eyes closed', it's hard to see how touching every disc with some device will prove we are alert.

We'll just have to play them at their own game: 'Did I miss an unattended bag? Well, you can't discipline me for not carrying out my security check. I touched every dot!' If they want to introduce a bizarre system to check up on our behaviour rather than credit staff with the intelligence to do our job, they can expect worse, not better, results.

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