2 Won't Do!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 08/04/2009 - 07:17,

Management have a little ploy on stations - slipping in SS2s (or SSMFs) to work on SS1 stations. They did it last year at Warren Street, getting an SRT SS to help out on the night turn during the refurb. Now they are trying it at Waterloo, getting SS2/MFs from other groups to come and work on the station. And rumour has it that LUL reckons that 'escalator assist' Supervisors at Bank don't actually have to be SS1s despite it being an SS1 station!

Brushing aside union objections about the Warren Street episode, management asserted that as long as one SS1 is on duty, it does not matter if any other Supervisor on duty is an SS2. They undoubtedly intend to go further down this road, and before you know it, stations will have rostered SS2 duties at SS1 stations.

The big losers here will be the SS2s themselves, as this will lead to a cut in SS1 posts and therefore the door to promotion closed.

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