Another Vic Driver Sacked

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 02/04/2009 - 08:08,

We already knew that the disciplinary clampdown was well out of hand, but it is now way beyond a joke. LUL has sacked a Vic Line driver for stealing lost property that he was retrieving!!

Driver Jamie Witchell noticed that a customer was banging on the doors as he departed a station, and realised that the passenger may have left a bag on the train. So at the next station, he asked another driver to help him find the bag, which was handed to him by a cleaner a couple of minutes later. Jamie got himself a drink then handed the bag over to the DMT. When the passenger arrived to claim it, she reported that her laptop was missing - luckily for her, it was found shortly afterwards.

But unluckily for Jamie, management have decided that he might have nicked it and that he deserves to lose his livelihood in the middle of a rcession. The injustice here is absolutely staggering, and is yet another reason why anyone who has not yet voted Yes to industrial action must do so.

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