Which Side Are You On? Defend Carl Campbell!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 12/03/2009 - 13:01,

As Tubeworker reported previously, LUL management are using their own tight-fisted refusal to install Correct-Side Door Opening on the Vic Line as a stick to beat drivers with.

In an act of outrageous harshness, LUL has sacked driver Carl Campbell. Carl - not protected by the CSDE kit that other lines had - accidentally opened the doors on the wrong side. Even though he quickly corrected his error and the doors didn't even fully open, and even though no-one was hurt, Carl has been unceremoniously booted out, his livelihood lost in a time of economic recession and rising unemployment.

It seems that the heartless tyrants who employ us can make all the mistakes they like and get away with it, but if one of us makes one small error - even an error that could not have happened if the company used the right equipment - then there is no mercy.

Carl's workmates have asked RMT for a strike ballot to demand Carl's reinstatement and the installation of CSDE equipment. The union should organise the ballot pronto and everyone should vote Yes.

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