Emcor workers fight pay cut

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 24/02/2009 - 12:23,

Workers at Emcor Rail, who are contracted in by Tubelines to do infrastructure work, were told that they would lose their jobs, while others would have to take pay cuts, lose holiday, and other benefits.

The RMT was invited in by their manager to break this bad news to the workforce. The manager didn’t expect that the RMT would sign the entire workforce up to the union in one night. The RMT told them that they could fight these attacks.

A group of dejected, powerless workers, suddenly felt that they could turn this situation around. They said they would not sign the new contracts and work under the new conditions, knowing they had the backing from the union in whatever action they needed to take. And what do you know? They’ve ended up with not a pay cut but a pay rise after all that. Just goes to show that what management give us is not based on what they can ‘afford’ but whether we are prepared to fight.

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