A Little Xtra Help?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 29/01/2009 - 14:33,

LUL management are making Vic Line drivers pay the price of their own tight-fistedness.

Two recent incidents of wrong-side door opening have seen one driver sacked and the other awaiting a CDI. But hang on, doesn't the line have Correct Side Door Enabling (CSDE) equipment? Er, no - it's the only one that does not.

When the typically wimpy HMRI pleaded with LUL to improve PTI safety on the Vic a few years back but did not specifically mention CSDE, the company saw the chance to save a few quid and brought in a slightly cheaper system instead. Wait for it ... they painted a large X on the platform wall, just to remind drivers which was the wrong side! Cutting edge technology, huh?

But when the inevitable happened and the doors were opened on the wrong side, whose head was on the line? The managers who decided that a painted X was good enough to protect passenger safety? Or the driver? Answers on a postcard please ...

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