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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 18/04/2008 - 11:47,

Female staff at Euston have been kicked out of their female toilets to make way for the men while the male toilets are refurbished.

The lack of logic here shows the lack of consideration to female staff that has gone into this plan. There is now a sign on the female toilet door, saying ‘Stop! The female toilets are out of use. Female staff, please use the unisex toilets in the ticket office’. So, women get to share a toilet with other men, while men take over theirs?!

If there was to be no effort to preserve a female-only toilet, you’d think they’d let us carry on using our old one. When questioned why the women had to bear the inconvenience of the men’s toilet refurb, a DSM told us, ‘Because more men than women work here’.

Point one: On the day the new arrangements were introduced, women far outnumbered men on duty. The Underground has probably moved on quite a bit since this particular DSM joined the company.

Point two: That sounds suspiciously like discrimination against a minority. What should the number of staff have to do with how we are entitled to be treated?

Women staff got together to write a memo to the DSM. He has conceded our point that, for dignity and privacy, we should be entitled to a female-only toilet. Trouble is, he has achieved this by putting a ‘female only’ sign on the ticket office loo, while the female toilet with the lock to which all female staff have keys is being left unlocked for all the men to use. Management may have conceded a point but have still not thought the issue through.

Simple solution: let the female staff use the female toilets!

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