Look Back In Anger

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 26/03/2008 - 11:13,

Remember dynamic risk assessments? That's where management - in the person of a Rostered Duty Officer - can make an on-the-spot decision to assess that a particular procedure is 'safe' even if it's against the rules.

You think that's bad enough? Well, management have now adopted the notion of retrospective dynamic risk assessments!

There was an incident on the Northern line at the start of the month involving a dual aspect signal failure in front of a set of points. You'd think that the points would be secured and the driver authorised to proceed under the appropriate rule, yes? Er, no, that takes up far too much time. The DMT reckoned it was 'safe' to instruct the driver to drive across the unsecured points, and when the train managed not to derail, there was your proof!

Tubeworker wonders what would have happened if the train had derailed. Our money's on an appointment at the dole office for the unfortunate driver.

So there we have it. Managers can tell you what to do, however unsafe. If they get away with it and no-one's hurt, then all praise to the quick-thinking manager refusing to be hamstrung by boring old safety rules. And if they don't - well, your head can roll instead.

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